Since the company was founded in 1836 until the enlargement of the European Union in 2004, C. Spaarmann was mainly active as a customs and cross-border transport company. Initiated in the mid-‘90s and successfully realised within one decade has become the greatest challenge in the history of the company. C. Spaarmann looks back at a successful development from a former family business which has been specialised in customs clearance between East and West to today’s medium-sized, international active forwarding and logistics company - with branches in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.


In line with the takeover of representations for shipping companies the extent of customs clearances had risen tremendously.


In 1836 Christian Spaarmann founded the C. Spaarmann GmbH at the Emmerich Rhine Promenade to carry out commercial customs clearance. Originally the company building was part of town fortifications. It had been built as a peel tower in the fifteenth century. The company has had its home office here for more than 160 years.